Just Ewe & I: An unlikely love story.

Story details courtesy of LA Daily News

So there’s this guy who owns a pizza place in the San Fernando Valley who’s driving to work last week when he sees a dog and sheep
walking down the street together.

While the wayward duo’s ultimate destination is unknown (Vegas? Walmart? Weekly counseling session?), John Caruso, the pizza-shop-owner-turned-good-Samaritan said he couldn’t believe his eyes and that people were honking their car horns and attempting to stop the furry BFF’s from walking up the off-ramp together and onto
the freeway.

Wherever Ewe Go, I Go.

The weirdness starts when Caruso corrals the dog into his car and without hesitation the sheep jumps up into his car as well, no coaxing required.

After a variety of adventures, Caruso brought the furry duo to a local animal shelter, where any attempt to separate the two proved fruitless, as the sheep would bleat bloody murder if ever out of sight-range of the dog.

The pair were kept in adjoining cages at the shelter and at times they would nuzzle each other’s noses through the bars. Even as
animals in other cages were barking and yelping loudly, the two
remained docile and quiet in each other’s presence.

Baan-ded Pair Re-Ewe-Nited

The Dog (Maggie) and Sheep (Daisy) have since been claimed by a very relieved and grateful mother and daughter who were able to track down their furry family members through the news reports. No word on how the unlikely love affair began. To learn more details of the story visit LA Daily News


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