Powder Puff Day

Poodles, Shi-Tzus, Maltese, and Bichon Frises were just a few of our furry visitors on Powder Puff Day at Muttropolis in La Jolla, CA. The cuteness factor was full throttle you just couldn’t help but smile at all the fluffy and silky fur balls running around. To celebrate the joy these and many other ‘powder puff’ breeds bring to our lives, there was coconut macaroons, chocolate covered strawberries, white chocolate tangerines, and powdered sugar tea cookies for our human guest as well as the ever rich assortment of dog cookies and jerkies for the four legged party goers.

As other dogs filtered in throughout the day, they proved that you didn’t have to be a powder puff to have a good time at this fluffy party.

Labradors, Bulldogs, Golden Retrievers and even the occasional Pit Bull stopped by to play with the party pups, enjoying snacks with their owners. the gloom didn’t seem to stop anyone from dropping in and saying hello. It was an event that stood as a testament that a dog can light up the room, and a room full of powder puffs can light up the whole day!

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Team Mutt LJ

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