The Taming of the ‘Schmoo:’ Theatrical dog house seeks new home.

Do you have a four-legged bard in your yard? Look no further.

photo caption: Fluffy mystery mutt ‘Schmoo’ stars
in the off-off-off-off-off broadway performance of
"The Taming of the Schmoo."


It all started when we got a phone call last week from a lovely Muttropolis customer, we’ll call her "D.R.," indicating that she was in possession of a large dog house that is an exact miniaturized replica of  The Old Globe Theatre.

"…say what? A replica of the Old Globe?"

Yes, the Old Globe Theatre. The one in Balboa Park in San Diego, CA.  Complete with hardwood floors, windows, curtains, operable skylights and fire-safe shingles, the house even a features an itty-bitty will-call window.

D.R. further explained how the original owner of the dog house / theatre had won it at an auction for approximately $3500, however, upon further investigation, the auction winners discovered they were unable to fit said house into their yard or through their fence for that matter.

So now D.R. is ‘minding the house’ and "…wouldn’t it be great if we, Muttropolis, could take the house and help find a worthy cause to donate it to, using our store and online community to identify the perfect charitable cause?"

After some discussion among fellow Muttropolitans as to where we’d put the house, we agreed that this was a wonderful opportunity to help raise funds for a needy cause and that we could have some fun with it.

So we are now the proud foster parents of a miniature Old Globe Theatre (or The Thee-ahh-tuh" as we call it.) and we’re accepting ideas from worthy San Diego-based animal-related causes that would like to partner with us and find a new home for the house! Send your ideas to with the subject line "Theatre".

– posted by Schmoe-schmoo

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