A Different Kind of “Pit” Stop



Photo Caption: It’s the Pitts: Overzealous Pit Crew Member

Our favorite story this week hails from Vacaville, California.

According to TV news station WGAL, a Vacaville man found a concerned and slightly grimey pit bull stuck in the engine of his
truck and chewing through wires Tuesday morning, his family said. Walter
Witthoeft had just woken up and went outside to put power steering
fluid in his truck. When he popped the hood, he saw a pair of eyes,
heard growling and then noticed a dog wiggling around in his engine.

The poor pooch eventually was able to wiggle out and animal service brought it to a county shelter.

Poor doggy (…let’s call him Brad, Brad Pit..) what he was thinking?  Perhaps he was an associate at Quiki Mart Lube n’ Tune in a prior life? A member of a pit crew? Needless to say, we hope that his new-found stardom garners him a loving forever home with a fellow automotive aficionado.

Note to his new parents: Since chewing through automotive air hoses and engine wire can be cost prohibitive (and dangerous), we suggest you peruse the  Muttropolis Extra Tough Dog Toys department.

– submitted by Schmoe-schmoo

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