Book Signing Event on May 13th with Merle’s Door Author Ted Kerasote

We had fun at our book signing this evening. Kirby got to see his old friend Ted, whom he likes very much.
We served wine with cheese and crackers and I was prepared for a slide show presentation. Ted had planned a 30 minute reading of his book. We let the crowd vote and they choose the full presentation with the slide show at the end. Everyone crowded around and we used whatever seating options we had. I gave some of the restless doggies one of Kirby and Kramer’s chewies and they settled in for the story. It was very touching and there was many wet eyes. We sold 20 books all on a dreary Tuesday night !!
It rained most of the day but I am really excited and proud of how tonight turned out.
Even Ted was surprised and touched 🙂 (literally, I got 2 hugs)

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