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Muttropolis Hosts Summer Olympic “Chomp-ianship” and Wag-a-thon Event and Benefit: Pets and their parents to experience the thrill of victory or the agony of no treats.

Forget Beijing…..the real
action will be at Muttropolis’ Summer Olympic “Chomp-ianship” & Wag-a-thon Benefit
Event where canine athletes will compete for both prizes and glory in challenging,
non-sanctioned Olympic events such as a food inhaling contest, wagging contest,
doggy-ice-cream eating contest, howling contest and much more. The Chomp-ianship
will be held on Saturday, July 12th and 13th at Muttropolis Dog & Cat
Boutiques across the nation. The event is
pet friendly and free to the public.


The event will feature tasty frozen organic treats for
the four-legged attendees, fun doggy games and contests, bobbing for
biscuits and tray-passed wholesome dog treats and giveaways.

Attend an event at a location near you!

Yappy Hour at the W Hotel San Diego

Muttropolis sponsored a Yappy Hour at the W Hotel San Diego, on April
29th. Check out the cute furry fashionistas! West Coast K9’s renowned trainer, Graham Bloem, joined the event with an Iraqi pup named Princess! After a long ride from the Rancho Coastal Humane Society to downtown San Diego, this pup had a long day!

See more photos here!

Join us next time, on Tuesday, July 29th from 5-7PM!

About Kirby & Princess
Marine Capt. Jamisen Fox’s Turkish sheepdog pups: Kirby & Princess are two of a litter of seven puppies that were transported from Iraq to the United States. “Operation Cookie Jar” got the pups to the USA
and the Rancho Coastal Humane Society (RCHS) brought them out to California where they have been housed and cared for, including medical attention, for approximately a month until the Marine owners return from deployment in Iraq. RCHS has covered all the expenses associated with bringing the puppies from Iraq to San Diego, CA and their care in the U.S.

The puppy’s parents were stray dogs hanging around the Marine’s camp in Iraq and the soldiers started feeding and caring for them. The dogs became camp watchdogs and had a litter of puppies which were adopted by the Marines, who cared for the pups, started training them and sent them home to America. These socialized pups are only four months old and have inherited some of the parent’s protective traits. (They are not available for adoption).

Tips to Ease Your Pets 4th of July Fear & Keep Them Safe

Tips To Ease Your Pets 4th of July Fear and Keep them Safe.
More dogs are lost on the Fourth of July than any other day of
the year and local shelters always feel the impact. Muttropolis can offer
helpful tips on keeping Fido safe on the fourth! We may enjoy the colorful,
loud explosions of Independence Day but our four-legged companions are
terrified of the hiss, pop and crackle of the fireworks. Dogs and cats have
been known to jump through glass windows, claw through screen doors, jump
over 10 foot fences or go right through locked windows or doors in their
panic to escape the frightening effects. Many end up lost, in shelters, or
get hit by cars.


1. No Fireworks
Resist taking your pet to the fireworks displays. Most animals don’t enjoy
the holiday’s noisy spectacles. Plus, animals can be hurt by sparklers,
cherry bombs and other fireworks set off in residential neighborhoods.

2. Keep Your Pet Inside
Never leave pets outside and unattended, even in a fenced yard or on a
chain. Animals may panic, escape and get lost, or get injured by becoming
entangled in their chain. They may injure themselves by chewing or choking
on their leashes. Make sure their environment is safe and secure so your pet

3. Comfort First
If your pet will be home alone during the festivities, turn on the radio or
TV to muffle the sounds or find them a friend! Cover a table with a blanket
or place his bed behind a sofa where he will feel safe, secure and
comfortable. A crate works well too, if the pet is already crat  e trained.
Close the curtains to reduce the
likelihood of flashes.

4. Create Distractions
Try leaving interactive toys and treat releasing toys around the house to
eliminate boredom and create distraction.

5. Encourage Rest
Feed and exercise your dog before the noise starts – to encourage them to
rest and digest, especially for large breeds. Ask your veterinarian about
administering sedatives or tranquilizers before the noise starts. Rescue
remedy and Happy Traveler are non-prescription alternatives to help relieve
anxiety in your pet when given half
an hour before festivities.

6. ID Tags
Ensure your dog is wearing current identification tags or a microchip so the
pet may be reunited with owners promptly if loud noises cause it to run
away, just in case of a successful escape attempt.

7. Host with the most?
If you are hosting the festivities this year, keep the doors closed. If you
have gues  ts going in and out of the house, make sure that your dog does not
have access to the door that keeps opening and closing. While it may seem
like a great idea to reward Rover with scraps from the grill, in reality
some festive foods and products can be potentially hazardous to your pets.

8. Avoid Autos
Don’t leave your pet in the car. In addition to the danger posed by pet
thieves, cars can heat up to a deadly temperature in minutes, even with
windows partially opened.

9. Stress Signs

How to identify signs of stress: shaking, trembling, drooling, excessive
barking and howling, scratching, chewing, loss of bowel and bladder control.

10. Aftermath
Pick up leftover sparklers and other sharp objects when the festivities are
over. After the Fourth of July, be aware of possible firework debris when
walking your dog.

Some specific products that can help: rescue remedy, a crate, patriotic
, apparel and bandanas. Muttropolis is happy to help pet
parents celebrate their Patriotic Pooch Pride. Prevent you pet from
becoming a statistic this Fourth of July.

Muttropolis Warehouse Sale

On Wednesday June 18th from noon to 7PM, employees at the Muttropolis World HQ donned their aprons and tennis shoes for a HUGE warehouse sale. Despite the heat, we had a great turnout, especially during lunch hour. Pets and their parents were finding bargains like never before from collars and leads to pet carriers and toys.



The two legged crew enjoyed margaritas and sangria after a hard day’s
work, while the four-leggeds romped around for a well deserved play

Every Day is “Take your dog to work day.”



The nation celebrated annual "Take Your Dog to Work Day," today and, undoubtedly, countless employees of stuffy, strict and un-fun companies were forced to leave their pooches at home despite this official designation.  As for who designated this particular day (Hallmark?), we hain’t a clue, but we think it’s a great way to kick off the summer.

However, we Muttropolitans are fortunate to designate every day as Take Your Dog to Work Day, as each and every desk here at the Muttropolis World Headquarters has a bed with a dog under it….a dog under the desk that is, not under the bed.

Given that our offices are housed in a building that was built back in the dark ages, we do not have air conditioning, and instead we must hover around small desk fans for relief from the heat. Or, we wait for one of the office dogs to aggressively shake his head after taking a long drink of water, which provides a nice refreshing spritz for bystanders. The office dogs tend to hog the fans and are also quite partial to our Muttropolis Water Filled Cooling Mat.

The office pooches are not always satisfied with simply laying on the floor and lately some have been fighting over the "good beds" and roosting upon desks and our reception chairs. Often, during photo shoots, they argue about who gets to be in the photo, because photo shoot = lots of treats.

Lola, our resident alpha Chihuahua mix, is a veritable Where’s Waldo of all photo shoots. See if you can spot her sneaking into the photo above.

-Janet McCulley, Chief Barketing Officer & Schmoo, the furry Guru

Muttropolis Gives Back

Friends of Humane Society de Tijuana is a new group in town just getting started and Muttropolis is looking forward to partnering with them at the upcoming Summer Pooch Party and Ice Cream Social on July 12 and 13 in La Jolla and Solana Beach. Friends of Humane Society de Tijuanais a San Diego based non-profit volunteer organization that directly supports the Humane Society de Tijuana (HSTJ). Friends of HSTJ is dedicated to improving the community through the humane treatment of animals.  Their programs focus on: Low cost or free spay and neuter clinics to control the overpopulation of unwanted animals; Street Clinics in the poorest neighborhoods of Tijuana to treat animals for parasites, mange, infections, fleas and ticks; Rescues and helping individuals who rescue street animals; Arranging of adoptions of rescued street animals; Public education programs; and promoting humane legislation and working to sustain suspension of electrocutions at public dog pounds in Mexico. They recognize that Animals Have No Nationality. Please visit their web site and become a Friend by volunteering or making a donation today! Friends of HSTJ’s 501(C)(3) # is 77-0704404 and 100% of your donation is tax deductible.

However, Muttropolis also reaches out to those non-pet related groups in the community that need assistance. Just this month at Mutt HQ, we have had the pleasure of donating to the Make-A-Wish Foundation, The Del Mar Village Association, The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and the Muscular Dystrophy Association.


Hot Pads – Not just something used with oven-related activities.


The temperatures across the nation have reached record highs and our furry friends are definitely feeling the heat!  During a trip to Washington DC last week for the Susan G. Komen National Race for the Cure, the temperatures reached a migraine-inducing 99 degrees and you could basically fry an egg on the pavement or perhaps grill up some tofu, if that is your protein preference.

Needless to say, I couldn’t help but wince when I saw some oblivious pet parents walking their very warm pups on the hot pavement! This experience would be akin to we humans doing the Tony Robbins Fire Walk. Not pleasant. In warm temperatures, its best to walk your pooch in the early morning or in the late evening and keep them on cooler surfaces and/or grass. If that is not possible, protect their paws with paw-protecting booties.

Many pet parents are not aware of how the heat effects their pooch, as dogs have a higher
internal temperature than humans and they can get hot very quickly.
Outside activities can be fun to share with your furry friend; but
remember to protect them from the summer heat. If you aren’t careful,
your dog could suffer from heat exhaustion. Read more about how to beat the heat at ehow  ehow: Beat the Heat as well as at Muttropolis: Beating the Heat  

-Janet McCulley, Chief Barketing Officer & Schmoo, the furry Guru

Hitting the Road with Rover


Fido Friendly magazine has recently revamped their magazine and the Summer 2008 issue features some great tips on pet friendly hotels and resorts that are Schmoo-tested and approved. There are also some great tips on keeping Fido Safe while on the road! Read on for more details: Fido Friendly Magazine

If you prefer to chart your own course, be sure to check out these great travel products and accessories to make your travels with pooch more convenient at Muttropolis Travel Accessories Shop

– Janet McCulley, Chief Barketing Officer & Schmoo, the furry Guru.