Hot Pads – Not just something used with oven-related activities.


The temperatures across the nation have reached record highs and our furry friends are definitely feeling the heat!  During a trip to Washington DC last week for the Susan G. Komen National Race for the Cure, the temperatures reached a migraine-inducing 99 degrees and you could basically fry an egg on the pavement or perhaps grill up some tofu, if that is your protein preference.

Needless to say, I couldn’t help but wince when I saw some oblivious pet parents walking their very warm pups on the hot pavement! This experience would be akin to we humans doing the Tony Robbins Fire Walk. Not pleasant. In warm temperatures, its best to walk your pooch in the early morning or in the late evening and keep them on cooler surfaces and/or grass. If that is not possible, protect their paws with paw-protecting booties.

Many pet parents are not aware of how the heat effects their pooch, as dogs have a higher
internal temperature than humans and they can get hot very quickly.
Outside activities can be fun to share with your furry friend; but
remember to protect them from the summer heat. If you aren’t careful,
your dog could suffer from heat exhaustion. Read more about how to beat the heat at ehow  ehow: Beat the Heat as well as at Muttropolis: Beating the Heat  

-Janet McCulley, Chief Barketing Officer & Schmoo, the furry Guru

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