Tips to Ease Your Pets 4th of July Fear & Keep Them Safe

Tips To Ease Your Pets 4th of July Fear and Keep them Safe.
More dogs are lost on the Fourth of July than any other day of
the year and local shelters always feel the impact. Muttropolis can offer
helpful tips on keeping Fido safe on the fourth! We may enjoy the colorful,
loud explosions of Independence Day but our four-legged companions are
terrified of the hiss, pop and crackle of the fireworks. Dogs and cats have
been known to jump through glass windows, claw through screen doors, jump
over 10 foot fences or go right through locked windows or doors in their
panic to escape the frightening effects. Many end up lost, in shelters, or
get hit by cars.


1. No Fireworks
Resist taking your pet to the fireworks displays. Most animals don’t enjoy
the holiday’s noisy spectacles. Plus, animals can be hurt by sparklers,
cherry bombs and other fireworks set off in residential neighborhoods.

2. Keep Your Pet Inside
Never leave pets outside and unattended, even in a fenced yard or on a
chain. Animals may panic, escape and get lost, or get injured by becoming
entangled in their chain. They may injure themselves by chewing or choking
on their leashes. Make sure their environment is safe and secure so your pet

3. Comfort First
If your pet will be home alone during the festivities, turn on the radio or
TV to muffle the sounds or find them a friend! Cover a table with a blanket
or place his bed behind a sofa where he will feel safe, secure and
comfortable. A crate works well too, if the pet is already crat  e trained.
Close the curtains to reduce the
likelihood of flashes.

4. Create Distractions
Try leaving interactive toys and treat releasing toys around the house to
eliminate boredom and create distraction.

5. Encourage Rest
Feed and exercise your dog before the noise starts – to encourage them to
rest and digest, especially for large breeds. Ask your veterinarian about
administering sedatives or tranquilizers before the noise starts. Rescue
remedy and Happy Traveler are non-prescription alternatives to help relieve
anxiety in your pet when given half
an hour before festivities.

6. ID Tags
Ensure your dog is wearing current identification tags or a microchip so the
pet may be reunited with owners promptly if loud noises cause it to run
away, just in case of a successful escape attempt.

7. Host with the most?
If you are hosting the festivities this year, keep the doors closed. If you
have gues  ts going in and out of the house, make sure that your dog does not
have access to the door that keeps opening and closing. While it may seem
like a great idea to reward Rover with scraps from the grill, in reality
some festive foods and products can be potentially hazardous to your pets.

8. Avoid Autos
Don’t leave your pet in the car. In addition to the danger posed by pet
thieves, cars can heat up to a deadly temperature in minutes, even with
windows partially opened.

9. Stress Signs

How to identify signs of stress: shaking, trembling, drooling, excessive
barking and howling, scratching, chewing, loss of bowel and bladder control.

10. Aftermath
Pick up leftover sparklers and other sharp objects when the festivities are
over. After the Fourth of July, be aware of possible firework debris when
walking your dog.

Some specific products that can help: rescue remedy, a crate, patriotic
, apparel and bandanas. Muttropolis is happy to help pet
parents celebrate their Patriotic Pooch Pride. Prevent you pet from
becoming a statistic this Fourth of July.

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