Official Results for the non-sanctioned Olymic ‘Chomp-ianship’ time trials

On July 12 & 13, 2008, pets and their parents came out for the Summer Olympic ‘Chomp-ianship’ to compete in a ice cream eating contest, a tail wagging contest, a howling contest and a kibble inhaling contest at Muttropolis’ five locations.

Solana Beach, CA:
Ice cream Eating Contest: Bella, owner Heidi Welsh, ate the whole thing!
Tail wagging contest: Duffy, owner Kimberly Jayner, 70 wags
Kibble Inhaling (small dog): Buddy, Justin Deignam, 40 Seconds
Kibble Inhaling ( big dog): Cash, Mary Wells, 14 seconds


La Jolla, CA
Tail wagging contest: Ben had the most wags at 62
Kibble Inhaling: Shelby ate it all in just 11sec.
Howling Contest: Ru howled for 17seconds.


This past weekend’s adoption events with the Friends of Humane Society de Tijuana at the Muttropolis’ Boutiques in La Jolla and Solana Beach were a huge success! I am very pleased to report that every one of the animals were adopted to a new, loving and permanent home. We adopted out four dogs and one cat!


Boulder, CO:

Tail Wagging Contest:
Owner: Laurel Patterson
Pet: Emmie Patterson
Time Trial Time: 30 sec – 154 wags!

The top wagging tail had 134 wags. WOW!

Kibble Inhaling Contest: (Weight Class: 20lbs)
Owner: Bob Bond
Pet: Roxy Bond
Time Trial Time: 30 sec – 8 pieces!

Kibble Inhaling Contest:(Weight Class: 75-85lbs)
Owner: James Suzuki
Pet: Maitri Suzuki
Time Trial Time: 30 sec – 13 pieces!

Ice Cream Eating Contest:
Owner: Deanna Cherilla
Pet: Dozer Cherilla

Howling Contest:
Owner: Bridget Strand
Pet: Bella
Time Trial Time: 10sec



Fashion Island, Newport Beach, CA:
Ice cream Eating Contest: Jaskson Kathei, owner Cyndie Kathei time 39 sec
Tail wagging contest: Bogie Corona, owner Irene Corona wags,80
Kibble Inhaling (small dog): Baby Luv, owner Bobbie La Grua, time 33sec
Kibble Inhaling ( big dog): Malone Morgan, owner Kirstin Morgan, time 30 sec Howling contest: Boo Taulbee, owner Karen Taulbee

La Encantada, Tucson, AZ:
Kibble inhaling: Emerald chowed down their kibble in only .30 seconds
Howling contest: Scratch howled for 1.21 minutes
Ice cream Eating Contest: Kipper finished in 45 secs.
Tail Wagging (# of wags in 30 sec): Sadie 75 wags

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