Saying Goodbye to the Big Apple

Much to the dismay of my fellow Muttropolitans at the Muttropolis World Headquarters, Schmoo’s favorite Big Apple Dog Bed has been a permanent fixture under my desk for the last five years. It has provided a comfy escape for small dogs and big dogs alike looking for a little chill time as well as a safety zone for pooches that have deftly snitched a treat from another fellow four-legged office mate.

Yes, the dog bed was a bit worn out after five years of wear and tear, but some sentimental things are difficult to part with. The Big Apple Bed was such an item. That is, until a very large four-legged office mate decided to relieve himself on the non-washable portion of the bed, thus sealing the fate of said Big Apple Bed.



Schmoo has been like a woman without a country and has taken to sitting on the desk, versus under it, despite hundreds of comfy, super luxury beds strewn about the office. 

-Janet McCulley & Schmoo, The Mystery Fluffy Mutt

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