‘Miracle’ dog adopts tiger cubs: Loving golden retriever saves newborn tigers rejected by mother.

Our favorite news story this week is so sweet our teeth hurt.
We just had to share this darling accompanying photo, regardless that it resembles a poster you perhaps hung on your bedroom wall at the age of nine.

According to NBC’s Today show and MSNBC, dogs and cats don’t always see paw to paw,
but in an amazing story of animal kindness, one golden retriever named
Isabella adopted three white tiger cubs that were abandoned by their

Tom and Allie Harvey, owners of the Safari Zoological Park —
a private zoo in Caney, Kansas — own the cubs who found a mother in
Isabella — described as the “sweetest most gentle Golden Retriever” by
her owners — has been nursing the baby tiger cubs ever since their
mother rejected them just 24 hours after giving birth. Now 7 weeks old,
the cubs are healthy, strong and have
just finished weaning.

The Harvey’s hope that by promoting their
unique story and inviting people to visit their zoo, they can raise more
awareness for tigers and highlight the need to help endangered species.Muttropolis_blog2

As for those who are worried about what will
become of the cubs’ relationship with their adoptive mother, Tom Harvey
claims there’s no real concern. “They won’t really become dangerous to
her because they think that she’s their mother. They are very gentle
with her. They chew on her tail.”

For dear Isabella, who is most certainly taking one for the collective canine team, we suggest she schedule some ‘me-time’ and throw back a couple all-natural Muttropolis Mellow Mut dog treat chews, followed by some anti-oxidant rich Muttropolis Blueberry Schmoo’s Granola Bites Mutt Munchers for dessert. 

To learn more about this story, visit MSNBC.com  or the Harvey’s Safari Zoological Park.

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