The Joy of Ridiculous Dog Tricks

Pug as Pig
As proud sponsors and participants of the 18th Annual People Pet Walk hosted by the Helen Woodward Animal Center held last month, we Muttropolitans had the pleasure of meeting two and four legged creatures from every walk of life, including a miniature horse and a pug masquerading as a pig.

In this challenging economy, the homeless pet population is unfortunately growing as economic pressure forces an increasing number of people to give up their pets, so we are always happy to lend a hand and support worthy causes when we can!Miniature Horsey

The costumed revelers were as spirited as ever this year and we were particularly amused by the range of absolutely ridiculous pet tricks performed at our booth. Its amazing what a dog will do for our exceptionally tasty Gingersnapper Mutt Munchers.

Our favorite trick of the day was performed by a perky paw-pumping Pomeraninan. See the video below. Words cannot describe, why, in fact, this particular trick was so amusing to us, perhaps its simply the sheer ridiculousness of it!

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