Muttropolis’ Perfect Pet Gifts featured on CBS Early Show

Bone-bow-whiteHoliday gift giving is going to the dogs (and cats), literally.

A recent study released by Consumer Reports indicates that more consumers (40%) plan to cut back on buying gifts for friends and family than those who will cut back on gifts for Fido & Fluffy (only 23%) this holiday season.

Surprised? We sure aren't. It is certainly more gratifying to shower gifts upon our beloved, unconditionally-loving pet than spend hard-earned dollars on gifts for an ungrateful nephew or second cousin who stares at their Gameboy 24/7. Need we say more?

To check out some of our products that were featured on the CBS show, Click Here or watch the CBS Early Show Pet Gift Segment.

One of our fave features on the show was our RoadKill Animals Squeaky Dog Toy…which for dogs, is truly the next best thing to the real thing.  Ideal for even the most aggressive chewers, the Roadkill Toy is so realistic looking that your neighbors will surely be convinced that your pet snatched hisself' some 'Pavement Possum' (see photo at right). Muttropolis RoadKill Dog Toy featured on CBS

A felineMuttropolis Cheeky Chaise for Cats favorite, our functional yet sculptural "Cheeky Chaise" was also featured. A completely unique piece of furniture, the Cheeky Chaise provides a unique cradle for kitties large or small and its texture provides an enticing scratching surface that makes it simply irresistible.

For all they do for us, don't forget Fido & Fluffy this season!

Ultimately what our pets enjoy and crave most is the love, attention, warmth and sense of safety we provide them…so above all, make sure that's at the top of your list this holiday : ).

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