The Pup & the Pachyderm: An Unlikely Love Story

Picture 1
If a photo is emailed to us that contains anything resembling a kitten playing with yarn, a bunny snuggling with a golden retriever or a hamster in a teacup, there is a strong likelihood that the photo was sent to us by our friend and fellow Muttropolitan "RJ."

When an email recently arrived from RJ entitled "Animal Odd Couple," we assumed that the photo would contain an image of above-mentioned bunny, puppy, kitty or hamster engaged in some kind of Hallmark moment.

We were wrong.

The short video below is an incredibly moving story of the amazing friendship that has formed between Tara the elephant and a chunky Labrador named Bella. If you look closely, you can almost see the mist in the eyes if CBS's Steve Hartman’s “Assignment America." 

If you think your pup might be down with trying out a Pachyderm Playdate, we've got the hook up….without the messy clean up. Check out Muttropolis' Rippy's Pull Apart Pachyderm dog toy : )

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