The Eat Better Bowl vs. Jackson, the dog that never loses suction.

Jackson froWhenever I have the pleasure of babysitting Muttropolis office-mate "Jackson," at left,  a goofy mystery mutt who’s never met a dry, tasteless article of clothing that he doesn’t want to personally sample, I am amazed at how fast that dog can hoover his food! He truly approaches every meal as if it were his last or as if he’s perhaps hoarding said food in anticipation of an apocalyptic event that will eliminate all food sources.

It all seems quite unhealthy. In fact, according to some veterinarians, ‘vacuuming’ of food may result in a myriad of physical and behavioral problems including bloating, overeating and vomiting.

Over the last year, I’ve become increasing alarmed with watching Jackson ingest his food in such a ghastly manner, so I chose to take matters into my own hands and discovered a new product called the6113-DEFAULT-m Eat Better Bowl. A simple concept, the Eat Better Bowl was born out of the need to help slow down those dogs that indeed do inhale, like Jackson. According to the manufacturer, its “unique 
revolutionary design is a result of deep thought and research” and it is designed with a small, wishbone shaped ‘obstacle’ within the basin of the bowl, which slows down your pets food intake. 

We put the Eat Better Bowl and Jackson to the test and we were able to slow down his consumption by a whole ELEVEN 
SECONDS. Hey, we’ll take it!

If your dog has a drinking problem, try the companion Drink Better Bowl which we'll review next time!

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