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Obama Family Dog arrives April 1st: The White House Fountain will never be the same again!

First Family Obama Dog: Portuguese Water Dog
This just in: According to the Associated Press, First Lady Michelle Obama indicates that her daughters Sasha and Malia will get their promised pooch in
April, after spring break, and they are looking for a
Portuguese Water
Dog to adopt
from a shelter! Yay!

The first couple and their daughters have been going back and forth
on possible names. Among the two Mrs. Obama mentioned — and nixed —
were Frank and Moose.

"I'm like, no. Come on. Let's work with the names a little bit," the First Lady told People Magazine.

Given today's dreary economic landscape, shelters are overrun with wonderful homeless pets that have been surrendered by owners no longer able to care for them. We applaud the Obama's for setting a great example to the rest of America by doing the right thing and adopting from a shelter and truly hope they follow through on their promise come April.

According to the Christian Science Monitor, "…the Portuguese Water Dog is known not only for having webbed
feet and being a favorite of Jacques Cousteau, but they usually pay
their taxes on time and rarely back out at the last minute."

Given their new pooch will undoubtedly enjoy an occasional impromptu dip in the White House Fountain, we suggest the First Family invest in the Muttropolis Soggy Dog Super Absorbent Towel to keep those paws clean!

Pooches Pucker up for a Cause: Smooch-a-Pooch event a slobbery success!

Muttropolis Kissing Booth
Muttropolis smooch a pooch eventMuttropolis Kissing Booth  IMG_9997Muttropolis Kissing BoothCharlie 2.14.09Muttropolis once again proudly hosted our annual Smooch-a-Pooch event to benefit the Spay Neuter Action Project (SNAP). Pooches (and kitties!) large and small gathered to pucker up for a good cause and some of the adoptable dogs brought to the event even found new homes! 

Thanks to everyone who came out to participate and to all the great volunteers from SNAP and the Junior League who staffed the event and readied the kitties and canines for their close-ups!

Enjoy our fun Smooch-a-Pooch retrospective video below and see ya’ll again next year!

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Can we stalk? ‘Get the Flock Out’ with the Geese Police

Picture 1
Reports sweeping the nation regarding last month’s US Airways ‘Miracle on the Hudson’ have shone a spotlight on a cottage industry that employs Border Collies to encourage Canadian geese to get the flock outta town.

These bird dog programs employ only super-stalker Border Collies. Canadian GooseOut of work Labradors, mutts and Maltipoos need not apply as all other dog breeds are considered unqualified according to the owner of New Jersey-based company Geese Police.  While other dog breeds need the
gratification of catching their prey, working Border Collies are satisfied by the mere opportunity to stalk. (Like some of those new "friends" you've acquired on Facebook.)

The The Geese Police dogs simply stalk and chase intruding geese with
the intent to scare them enough so they do not return. Natural herders, the Border Collies are not trained to attack the birds, but instead employ a unique wolf-like glance called the “eye," at left.

Apparently, their hundred-yard stare can influence a flock into flight as the geese perceive this stalking manner as predatory behavior, thus compelling them to "bounce."

If your pooch prefers to catch their prey, let them prey with the Muttropolis Squeaky Duck Dog Toy or Duck Dog Treats!

I wonder if the “the eye” works on gophers? 

Just Chew It: Beating Bowser Boredom with the Bouncy Bone Dog Toy

Many of us have learned the hard way that a bored dog can be not only hazardous to your furniture, but also to your favorite sling backs and quite possibly your neighbor’s aural threshold for excessive barking.

With all of us working long hours to ensure recession-resilience, our beloved four-legged family members may be engaging a bit more me-time than they’d prefer.

The Bouncy Bone Dog Toy to the Rescue

Muttropolis Bouncy Bone Dog Toy
My frenetic 2-year old Vizsla Zazou, at left, needs a daily outlet for his energy or its curtains for him. Literally. He will be all up in the curtains when we’re not home. Regular exercise and mental stimulation and interactive play with the newly discovered Bouncy Bone treat dispensing dog toy have all helped to manage his home alone mania without breaking the bank.

Starting at $5 for the small size, the super tough and durable Bouncy Bone is composed of a durable nylon bone, a rubber ball and replaceable, long lasting Gnawhide® treats. The toy easily unscrews to load treats and clean. Unlike other dog toys that can often have a life-span of approximately 3 minutes, the Bouncy Bone is now going on three months and its still got lots of Bounce left! Better yet, it is Veterinarian approved!

Check out the video below of Zazou and the Bouncy Bone Dog Toy in action. (Please ignore the fact that the camera-girl was having a seasonal allergy "episode" that day!)

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