Just Chew It: Beating Bowser Boredom with the Bouncy Bone Dog Toy

Many of us have learned the hard way that a bored dog can be not only hazardous to your furniture, but also to your favorite sling backs and quite possibly your neighbor’s aural threshold for excessive barking.

With all of us working long hours to ensure recession-resilience, our beloved four-legged family members may be engaging a bit more me-time than they’d prefer.

The Bouncy Bone Dog Toy to the Rescue

Muttropolis Bouncy Bone Dog Toy
My frenetic 2-year old Vizsla Zazou, at left, needs a daily outlet for his energy or its curtains for him. Literally. He will be all up in the curtains when we’re not home. Regular exercise and mental stimulation and interactive play with the newly discovered Bouncy Bone treat dispensing dog toy have all helped to manage his home alone mania without breaking the bank.

Starting at $5 for the small size, the super tough and durable Bouncy Bone is composed of a durable nylon bone, a rubber ball and replaceable, long lasting Gnawhide® treats. The toy easily unscrews to load treats and clean. Unlike other dog toys that can often have a life-span of approximately 3 minutes, the Bouncy Bone is now going on three months and its still got lots of Bounce left! Better yet, it is Veterinarian approved!

Check out the video below of Zazou and the Bouncy Bone Dog Toy in action. (Please ignore the fact that the camera-girl was having a seasonal allergy "episode" that day!)

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