Can we stalk? ‘Get the Flock Out’ with the Geese Police

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Reports sweeping the nation regarding last month’s US Airways ‘Miracle on the Hudson’ have shone a spotlight on a cottage industry that employs Border Collies to encourage Canadian geese to get the flock outta town.

These bird dog programs employ only super-stalker Border Collies. Canadian GooseOut of work Labradors, mutts and Maltipoos need not apply as all other dog breeds are considered unqualified according to the owner of New Jersey-based company Geese Police.  While other dog breeds need the
gratification of catching their prey, working Border Collies are satisfied by the mere opportunity to stalk. (Like some of those new "friends" you've acquired on Facebook.)

The The Geese Police dogs simply stalk and chase intruding geese with
the intent to scare them enough so they do not return. Natural herders, the Border Collies are not trained to attack the birds, but instead employ a unique wolf-like glance called the “eye," at left.

Apparently, their hundred-yard stare can influence a flock into flight as the geese perceive this stalking manner as predatory behavior, thus compelling them to "bounce."

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I wonder if the “the eye” works on gophers? 

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