Obama Family Dog arrives April 1st: The White House Fountain will never be the same again!

First Family Obama Dog: Portuguese Water Dog
This just in: According to the Associated Press, First Lady Michelle Obama indicates that her daughters Sasha and Malia will get their promised pooch in
April, after spring break, and they are looking for a
Portuguese Water
Dog to adopt
from a shelter! Yay!

The first couple and their daughters have been going back and forth
on possible names. Among the two Mrs. Obama mentioned — and nixed —
were Frank and Moose.

"I'm like, no. Come on. Let's work with the names a little bit," the First Lady told People Magazine.

Given today's dreary economic landscape, shelters are overrun with wonderful homeless pets that have been surrendered by owners no longer able to care for them. We applaud the Obama's for setting a great example to the rest of America by doing the right thing and adopting from a shelter and truly hope they follow through on their promise come April.

According to the Christian Science Monitor, "…the Portuguese Water Dog is known not only for having webbed
feet and being a favorite of Jacques Cousteau, but they usually pay
their taxes on time and rarely back out at the last minute."

Given their new pooch will undoubtedly enjoy an occasional impromptu dip in the White House Fountain, we suggest the First Family invest in the Muttropolis Soggy Dog Super Absorbent Towel to keep those paws clean!

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