Obama’s welcome newest Presidential Pooch: Bo Obama

Barack Obama and Bo Obama Over the years, the White House walls and floors have enjoyed the pitter patter (…and tinkley-tinkles?) of first pets Lucky, Rex, Millie, Buddy, Socks, Miss Beazley &  Barney. Starting this week, Americans officially have Bo Obama, a gangly Portuguese Water Dog as "our" newest Presidential Pet and four-legged family member.

Yesterday, the Obama's proudly marched Bo out for his first press conference and he frolicked like a goofy goof ball just as any good 6-month old pup should. We're all not sure what the scoop is on the plastic lei he wore around his neck, but we have no doubt that said lei is likely now shredded and scattered about the Oval Office, or one of the other hundred rooms that Bo will now call home.

Naturally, with Bo Hysteria rippling across America, the Obama's are receiving a flood of Puppy Do's and Don't Advice from pet parents around the globe  Shrill speculation from political pundits and curmudgeons alike is abound regarding Bo's political preference, sexual persuasion and whether Malia or Sasha Obama will be responsible for 'picking up?'Presidential Pooch Dog Bo Obama

We Muttropolitans are not concerned with Bo's lifestyle choices and instead are simply thrilled that the Obama's have a new little bundle of happiness that will bring certain needed levity into their lives and new home.

As for the 'toxic assets' that Bo will undoubtedly be depositing upon the White House lawn, may we kindly suggest Muttropolis' stealthy Euro-Bone Pick Up Kit leash attachment.

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