Reducing your Pet’s Carbon Pawprint

The concept of "Earth Day" is a bit of a misnomer, because we should all do our part to recycle and Lola Go Green Tee re-purpose every day of the year. What I'm getting at is not unlike the concept of "Mother's Day." We all know mommy-dearest would appreciate regular acknowledgment of the living hell we put her through as unruly teenagers, not just a once annual admission offered up each May.

However, Earth Day is a wonderful way to raise awareness of the simple ways we can reduce our carbon foot and pawprints. To that end, I will honor Earth Day this year by reducing my consumption of plastic: Instead of picking up Zazou and Lulu's 'deposits' in the backyard with a plastic grocery bag, I will instead fling them into my neighbor's yard with a shovel.

Reducing your pet's carbon pawprint is now easier than ever, as an increasing number of pet product manufacturers have discovered creative ways to re-purpose and recycle materials. Here are some faves:

Muttropolis Biodegradable Poop Bags

1. Bio-degradable Business Bags
Reduce your pet's carbon poo-print with Biodegradable Business Bags made from real corn.They biodegrade completely in 45 days and become fertilizer. Fertilizer for what, I do not know. Available at

Muttropolis Eco Mats2. Eco Nap Fleece Pet Mats
These smart and colorful mats are made in the USA with 85% of the fabric comprised of post consumer recycled plastic, better known as the soda-pop bottles. In fact, this line of eco-products will divert over 25 tons of plastics from landfills a year. Available at


3. The Cheeky Chaise
Constructed with extra durable corrugated cardboard, the Cheeky Chaise is made with all-natural materials and 35% minimum recycled content. The adhesives used in the chaise are non-toxic materials. Sprinkle it with catnip and let the fun begin! More information available at


4. Recycled Eco Dog Collars
Made with 100% recycled nylon webbing and polyester ribbon for a truly green pet product. Made in the USA by

5. Re-purpose Your Pet's Hand-me Downs
Do you have pet accessories or pet supplies you're no longer using? Most shelters gladly welcome your donation of gently used dog or cat toys, collars, leashes, beds, bowls and the like. Simply locate an animal shelter or rescue organization near you at and do your part to recycle and help a great cause.

Article reprinted permission of and the The Daily Treat with Janet McCulley.

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