Bottom’s Up for Disabled Doggies with the Bottom’s Up Leash

Bul-001-bul If you’ve ever had the pleasure of sharing your life with a senior dog, you are intimately aware of the endearing changes that they undergo as they round the bend of life…the graying muzzle, the mellowing of temperament and the periodic senior moments.  However, one of the biggest bummers for the dear old souls is the degradation of their joints, progression of arthritis and other disabilities advanced age can bring. 

Having had both arthritic and disabled senior doggies in my family, I found one of the biggest challenges to be how to comfortably to “sling” their bodies to help them get up, walk and mobilize with more comfort and ease.  Using a towel as a sling just doesn’t do the job, especially if you have a small dog or if you have a male dog….uh, if you catch my drift.

The Bottom’s Up Leash to the Rescue

Developed by Watson’s Pet Company, the Bottom’s Up Leash was inspired by their Sheep Dog named "Watson" who at 15 years old suffered from arthritis and hip dysplasia.  His condition prevented the use of his hind legs and seriously hindered his mobility and comfort. Watson’s “parents” resolved to find a way to walk his best friend and enhance his quality of life…thus, a product idea was born!

The Bottom's Up Leash can help arthritic, post-surgical or otherwise disabled dogs move more comfortably and works by supporting a portion of the dogs hind legs while they walk, or attempt to go up or down stairs. Unlike a towel under the belly, the Bottom’s Up Leash allows your dog to eliminate without putting pressure on their bladder or stomach and keeps you from having to stoop over…bonus!

Fits Dog Booty’s of all Sizes

The Bottom’s Up Leash is adjustable in size and will fit any dog between 15 and 125 pounds and non-chafing neoprene pads are included that fit over the leg loops to add to the overall comfort.

You can find the Bottom’s Up Leash at Muttropolis.

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