PediPaws Persuasion: The drama of trimming your dogs nails

Zazou sniffs the PediPaws Pet Nail Trimmer

Keeping your pets nails properly trimmed is important for a variety of reasons, including your pets comfort and health, as well as the health of your floors, walls, furniture and whatever else your pets perform their daily tap dance upon. 

Over the years, any and all attempts to trim my dogs nails have been an absolute bust, resulting in nothing short of a spectacular meltdown on behalf of all parties involved. To avoid this drama and mutiny, I’ve instead opted to send the kids to the groomer for their paw-ticures and have washed my hands of the whole situation.

However, given that 2009 marks a major comeback for the Do it Yourselfer, and we’re all looking at ways to save our pennies, I considered bringing their nail trimming service back in-house when I recently spotted the PediPaws pet nail trimmer commercial on TV.

Don't let this loud buzzing stick scare you

Essentially, the PediPaws is a like modified dremmel tool and the instruction manual emphasizes repeatedly the importance of properly introducing the device to your pet and developing positive associations to best acclimate them to the concept of this buzzing and frankly somewhat disturbing device.

As you will see in this week's video, “PediPaw Persuasion,” I tried just about everything from fun car rides, trips to the dog park and taking in our favorite show to get Zazou to cooperate with my attempts to use the PediPaw nail trimmer on him.

Watch the video and see what it took to get Zazou to calm down long enough to let me trim one nail. If you have any tips, tactics or insights for how you’ve managed to trim your pet’s nails, please feel free to pass them along!

ps. Upon further trial, it appears that the PediPaws may be best suited for dogs under 20lbs and  individuals who possess the patience of a saint.

Article Reprint courtesy of The Daily Treat with Janet McCulley on Animal Planet


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