The Dog Bark Park Inn: Where a night in the doghouse ain’t half bad

The Dog Bark Park Inn Ever wanted to really get inside a dogs head? You can literally live the dream at the Dog Bark Park Inn — a bed and breakfast guesthouse inside the "World's Biggest Beagle."  This ginormious wooden beagle domicile, created by self-taught chainsaw artists and proprietors Dennis and Frances, is located in north central Idaho on US Hwy 95 in Cottonwood, Idaho.

Allow me to show you to your hind-quarters

Named one of the Top 20 Most Fun & Exciting Places to Stay by the London Times, guests enter the belly of the Beagle from a private second story deck.  (No word if the belly of the Beagle is strewn with bits of shredded sock, bits of tennis ball and twigs just for authenticity purposes.) Inside the bowels of the bed and Beagle guests will find a queen bed, reading nook within the dog’s snout and a bounty of kitchy canine-themed decorations, many of which are creations of the proprietors. 

The Dog Bark Park InnDogs of all sizes are welcome for an additional $10 per night per pet and guests can enjoy prairie views and starry nights from the second story 'tummy-deck.' During the day, excursions can include taking a jet boat tour into nearby Hell’s Canyon, horseback riding or hiking.

For more information visit the Dog Bark Park Inn.

Article reprint courtesy of Animal Planet's The Daily Treat with Janet McCulley

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