Pets on Parade & Good Times with a Kissing Booth

We Muttropolitans recently had the pleasure of helping out with the First Annual La Jolla Pet Parade & Festival. The event was held in the super pet-friendly and beautiful southern California coastal village of La Jolla to benefit one of our favorite causes, the Spay Neuter Action Project (SNAP). SNAP is a non-profit, grassroots organization offering low cost spay and neutering in low income neighborhood and is responsible for reducing the number of unwanted puppies and kittens in the Southern California area by tens of thousands by snipping and snapping off, well, you know.

With our nation’s shelters overflowing with orphaned and surrendered pets,  spaying and neutering pets is key to solving pet overpopulation. SNAP presently conducts their neutering clinics in a mobile clinic known as their “neuter scooter” and as of today more than 15,000 pets have been fixed on their Neuter Scooter. They hope to build a permanent low-income, high volume spay-neuter clinic.

Our community parade kicked off with Grand Marshall Benji (…and author and creator of the Benji series Joe Camp hosted by Warwicks) and a Doga warm-up led by my pals over at lululemon, followed by contests, pet adoptions, barks & crafts and other fun family activities.

They came, they wagged, they air-kissed

Any time you throw a party or in this case a parade, there is always that nagging question of whether anyone show up? Well, we're pleased to report that hundreds of people and pets of all breeds and creeds did indeed represent and enthusiastically wagged, waddled, wheeled, padded and clip-clopped through the village…it was a sight to see!

Aside from raising funds for a worthy cause, making new friends and helping find new homes for dogs, cats and even a guinea pig that day, one my favorite activities at the event was watching the theater unfold in an old school kissing booth that Muttropolis brought along. The little contraption provided some visuals nothing short of ridiculous and this week’s Daily Treat Video highlights some of our favorite moments from the day!

ps. Studies show that volunteering increases health and longevity. But the real virtue may be in the pleasures gained in the process. Visit to learn how you can help out at your local shelter or animal welfare organization or visit to find out about other causes in need in your area.

Blog reprint courtesy of Animal Planet and The Daily Treat with Janet McCulley


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