Satisfying the Picky Pooch with Stella and Chewy’s Freeze-dried Raw Foods

If you share a home with a dog who is a picky eater, you undoubtedly understand the hair-pulling challenge of finding canine cuisine that actually motivates them to stand up and take notice when you yell “IT’S FOOD TIME!!

Zazou, my Vizsla, approaches mealtime with great delight and joy, as he vigorously consumes the food in his bowl with great appreciation and verve.  Conversely, Lulu our diminutive mystery mutt approaches mealtime with trepidation as if she’s been instructed to walk the plank or something worse.  Like clockwork, each day I yell “It’s Food Time" and Lulu trudges up to the bowl, gives the bowl a half-hearted sniff, then plops down next to the bowl with an unceremonious ‘plumpf’.

Stella and Chewy's at MuttropolisThis feeding time scenario has repeated itself for as long as I can remember and I have tried quite a  smorgasbord of healthy foods to pique her interest and was beyond thrilled when I discovered Stella & Chewy’s Fresh from the Farm all natural freeze-dried raw chicken patties, which Miss Picky Pooch-Lulu absolutely LOVES!! Mealtime is now truly a cause for celebration, not consternation.

Made from human-grade free-range meats, ground bones, and fresh organic vegetables and containing no preservatives, no chemical, dyes, sugar or salt, these freeze-dried patties can be easily crumbled into your pets kibble to introduce a new and tasty element to your pet’s existing diet, or it can be fed solely as their main course.

Better yet, they’re good ‘fer ya!

What I also like about the Stella & Chewy’s freeze-dried products is that they provide all the convenience of a conventional dry food without compromising the nutritional value and proven health benefits of real raw meat.  You can serve the patties as is or rehydrate by adding water. They’re also great for travel, training rewards, and treats.

Starting at $10.99 a bag, you can find Stella and Chewy's at

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