Drooley floors no more with the Drink Better Pet Bowl

Slobber Face Baloo Black Russian Terrier My neighbor’s dog Baloo resembles a cross between Sasquatch, Cousin It, Slash from Guns N’ Roses and a whole lotta Pigpen. Weighing in at more than 125 lbs, Baloo is a furry bundle of love and Lulu and Zazou love having him over for play-dates.  However, a dog that rocks a fro of this magnitude (see photo), requires more than just a proverbial !Cleanup on Aisle Four!, particularly when it comes to the mess he makes when he drinks water. 

As you will see in this week’s video, Baloo’s beard releases the equivalent of Niagra Falls when he drinks from a water bowl, whether outside or inside the house. And don’t even talk to me about what happens when he shakes his head after drinking…it looks like someone let loose with a hose on the windows.

Enter the Drink Better Bowl

In an attempt to reduce the Slip-n-Slide that Baloo leaves behind when hydrating, I did a little research and found The Drink Better® pet bowl.

The innovative pet bowl integrates the use of a floating obstacle within the bowl to control the flow of water, encouraging dogs to drink at a slower, healthier rate, and make less mess while they’re at it…. just the thing I need for Monsieur Pigpen. According to Contech, the manufacturer, dogs that drink too fast (puppies do this a lot) can also experience digestive problems such as indigestion and vomiting and light-haired dogs may experience staining of the muzzle (from chlorinated water).

Check out this week’s video and see what happens when we test the Drink Better pet bowl with uber-slob-face Baloo!


Article reprint courtesy of The Daily Treat at Animalplanet.com

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