Dog-proof Trash Can: And it was all yellow

Vipp Trash Bin - Design Within Reach 

There's nothing like returning home from a fun night out to find yesterday’s coffee grounds, orange rinds, fish skins and other unsavory discards spread across the kitchen floor with Jackson Pollock flair. When you find yourself faced with this situation, your dog can typically be found either 1) skulking around in the darker recesses of your home, or 2) joyfully greeting you at the door as if none of it ever happened.

After the requisite pulling of your hair and retrieval various treasures from beneath the couch, calm down and consider getting yourself a kick-ass, ironclad trashcan (and maybe some training too).

The happiest darn trash can you ever did see

Originally designed in 1939, this super durable stainless steel Vipp Trash Bin is hand-crafted by skilled craftsmen and consists of up to 42 components. The tight fitting lid can keep curious noses out and trash smells in. Very likely one of the happiest-looking trash cans you’ll ever see, it is available in a range of sizes and colors, and is great for use in the bathroom, kitchen, workspace or living space. A removable inner bin makes changing out the bags easy and a roll of biodegradable liners is included.

Find the Vipp Trash Bin at Design Within Reach.

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