Fun Summer Dog Dresses and Dog Harnesses for Furry Fashionistas

Muttropolis Pink Small Dog Dresses

Some folks admittedly roll their eyes at the sight of a dog all dolled up in a foofey dress, the innocent dog looking none too thrilled to be sporting a tutu, fedora, gladiator sandals or other ensemble.

However, I must say that there are some absolutely darling little dog outfits and functional dog harnesses to be had these days, and the entertainment value can be quite high as long as pup is comfortable. Naturally, if you are indeed going to pimp your pup in a Seersucker Shift, its best if they do not resemble a sausage encased in said lightweight puckered fabric.

Does this dog dress make me look fat?

Some of the fuller figured dogs should just say no to parading around resembling a dog stuffed into a frilly sausage-casing. To help you best dress your dog according to his or her body type, I suggest you review some of the handy guidelines provided by the folks over at

Some of their tips on how to Dress Your Dog According to Their Body Type include how to: 1) Avoid too tight clothes  2) Accentuate your Bulldog's head  3) Work with problem hair  4) Avoid horizontal stripes for Boxers and my personal favorite, 5) Elongate your Dachshund's legs.

Once you've gotten these important details all worked out, you can find some of the cutest tees, dog dresses and functional dog harness dresses around at Some of my favorites are below…particularly the Watermelon Dog Dress and the Pink Watermelon Dog Tee. Dresses and harnesses start at $20.

Pink small dog dresses and dog harnesses

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