Adventures with a Secret Agent Spy Collar Cam

Adventures with a Secret Agent Collar Cam

Aside from the requisite sleeping, scratching and navel gazing, many pet parents wonder what else our dogs and cats are doing exactly when we’re not around. While web cams might be one approach to pet surveillance, a web cam can be limiting as the camera captures footage from only one vantage point in your home, which is why the Pet’s Eye View collar camera piqued my interest.

Essentially the equivalent of a collar spy cam, the Pet’s Eye View camera attaches to your pet's collar and the built-in timer automatically takes photos from your dog or cat’s perspective at intervals of 1, 5 or 15 minutes.  The internal memory stores about 40 photos and a four-foot USB cable is included which can be used to download the collar-cam pics to your computer in order to see what sort of espionage is occurring whilst you’re away.

In addition to spying on your pet while you're away, I believe that a lot of fun can be had with this camera outside the home. For instance, boxers or briefs: Why not clip it on your dog’s collar and ask your cute or handsome neighbor to pet sit your dog for the evening? Or discover the true identity of whomever is sneaking your dog biscotti’s every morning when you’re inside Starbucks grabbing a latte? The list just goes on…

Check out my field test of the Pet’s Eye View Camera in this week’s video, and see what kind of valuable intel I am able to collect on unsuspecting Zazou and Schmoo…including identifying the party responsible for the dirty paw prints left on my pillow!


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