High School Mew-sical: Nora the amazing piano playing kitty

Nora the piano playing kitty 

Whining, pining, purring, pawing, meowing, growling and howling are but a few of the various strategies employed by our pets to gain our attention. But banging out a concerto on the piano? Now that's brilliant. Nothing would get my attention more than my dog Schmoo pounding out a rendition of "Chopsticks" to rally me up from my desk.

Well, that's exactly what Nora, the keyboard kitty is doing to successfully gain the attention of her owners, Betsy Alexander and Burnell Yow of Philadelphia, as well as 17+ Million viewers on YouTube!

Composing her work freestyle and without the aid of written music, Nora's compositions have been described as a cross between free jazz, Phillip Glass….and sCAT?

Not a Fake

This kitty with an unnaturally mew-sical ear began putting paws to the ivories after watching her piano-instructor owner, Betsy Alexander, teaching her students to play piano.

“This is her own thing -  it’s not a trick,” Ms. Alexander told reporters at MSNBC.  “It’s not something we taught her. She plays when we’re not in the room and she plays when we’re in the room. Sometimes she plays when we don’t want her to play. I can be teaching a child or an adult who is trying to concentrate and then Nora hops on the bench.”

Nora's true talents were confirmed when she visited NBC's TODAY show and performed live for Matt Lauer sans catnip or any camera tricks. Check out Nora's concerto pawformance below!

Blog reprint courtesy of The Daily Treat with Janet McCulley on Animalplanet.com

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