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Yo quiero Taco Dog. Guacamole extra.

Picture 10If he runs into the street does that make him a street taco?

It normally goes against my religion to discuss Halloween when the remnants of summer are still hovering around, but I am making an exception for this ridonkulously cute Taco Dog costume. We've all certainly seen our fair share of hotdog, lobster and hamburger dog costumes over the years, but this muy delicioso taco costume provides an entirely new and funky fresh food group with which to humiliate our dogs. 

Complete with fresh leaf lettuce, shredded cheese and what appears to be bits of savory tomato, your dog can comfortably wear their food with the aid of easy to use Velcro closures. Have more than one dog? Simply order the two taco combo. Pick up a taco today at

Article reprint courtesy of Animal Planet's The Daily Treat with Janet McCulley

Longboarding Labradoodles at Annual Dog Surf-a-thon

Dozer2 low res
Dozer HangsTen

Record numbers of shredding shepherds, long-boarding Lhasa-apso's and well-groomed Groms were drawn to Del Mar Dog beach in San Diego on Sunday for the annual Dog Surf-a-thon to benefit Helen Woodward Animal Center and we here at Muttropolis were there first hand to check it out and soak in the sun and fun.

First launched in 2006 by the animal welfare and education organization Helen Woodward Animal Center, the contest started out as a fun way that pet owners could ride the surf and raise a little money for homeless animals. Today, the Surf-a-thon is considered the "world's largest dog surfing event” -  attendance topped nearly 4,000 this year – and there was no certainly no shortage of people and dog watching at this crazy event!

Poodlesurf lo res
A shredding Shepherd? Or is that Pyrenees?

Dogs are judged on several criteria – the length of the ride, the size of the wave ridden and their on-board maneuvers. Dogs receive extra points if they surf without their owner, and if they stand on the board rather than lie down.Buddy, a Jack Russell from Newport Beach, CA  took first place, with Ricochet, a.k.a: Rip Curl Ricki in second, and Dozer, a bulldog from San Diego taking third.

Extra cool moment: Ricochet, a.k.a: Rip Curl Ricki, and Patrick Ivison, a fifteen year-old quadriplegic surfer, completing the first known tandem surfing ride between an adaptive surfer and a dog at the event!

Article reprint courtesy of Animal Planet's The Daily Treat with Janet McCulley

Photos courtesy of Dawn Celapino.

The Persuit of Cute: Top 5 Fave Time-wasting Websites

Louie-the-upside-down-pug-dog-breed-420x348 Easing back into the work-week after an extended weekend is never easy, especially if you’ve been in certified ‘vacation mode’ and possibly engaged in activities that perpetuate conversion of your gray matter into Jell-O Brand Jello.  After a three-day weekend of sun, fun and hot dog buns, digging back into the realities of life and work can be akin to a root canal.

We here at The Daily Treat and Muttropolis understand the pain of returning to work or school after vacation and would like to offer you some support during this difficult time.  To help ease your transition back into reality and ensure your brain isn't overcome by toxic work-related information, we highly recommend you punctuate your day with small bursts of joy by visiting the following hysterically pointless websites. As certified time-wasters, they are sure to put a smile back on your face and help you manage through what surely will be a challenging week. Good luck. Just do it.

Rotator-4 1) – Yes, this is exactly what it sounds like. I find that the dogs with flappy, floppy lips are truly the true contenders on this site and that an overwhelming number of the dogs resemble something from a Stephen King or Stephenie Meyer novel.

2) – Need we say more? It's about cats. And kittens. Who like sinks. And basins.

3) – Videos of everything from baby bunnies, hamsters, elephants, kittens and of course, puppies, struggling to stay awake and ultimately falling asleep.  One of my faves is the sleepy puppy video "Juno the English Bulldog takes a sitting nap." Be sure to stay with it 'till the very end for the crescendo

GHI-Schmoo 'do 4) Pimpyourpooch
Ever wondered what your Mastiff might look like with the Jennifer/Rachel flip or what your Dachsund might look like with The Donald's 'do? Well now's your chance to find the answer to that burning question. My dog Schmoo has always wanted to know what she'd look like as a blonde…(see pic at right) and now she's begging for Ken Paves extensions.

5) Yup. That's it. A site dedicated to the pleasure that Putty Tat's find in the confines of cardboard.


Blog reprint courtesy of Animal Planet's The Daily Treat with Janet McCulley.

Shear Madness: Escargoodles and Pandapoos?

The Daily Treat Butterdoodle Groomed PoodleFresh from the “Seriously? Seriously” file comes this diddy that I received in my inbox last week. When I first saw these photos I believed that they had been somewhat digitally manipulated and not completely real.  However, upon further scrutiny and a bit of Googling it became clear that these indeed were real dogs that had been transformed into everything from peacocks and pandas to camels and.….Cap’n Jack Sparrow? Now many of us have seen dogs with a little bit of colored dye applied here and there — but this is utterly off the hizzle.

While these pooches may resemble buffalos and flowerbeds, they are actually poodles, all competing for the title of top dog at 'creative grooming' shows across the U.S. These The Daily Treat Pandapoo grooming transformations are captured by photographer Ren Netherland, who travels thousands of miles each year to attend each competition, which is perhaps not unlike a Junior Miss Beauty Pageant.

It takes approximately two hours for groomers to transform these dogs, which are sheared and colored to achieve each look. The jury is out here at Muttropolis and The Daily Treat as to whether these dogs actually enjoy getting their hair did in such a way. Call me crazy, but this seems highly unnatural…what do you think?

Article reprint courtesy of Animal Planet's The Daily Treat with Janet McCulley