Yo quiero Taco Dog. Guacamole extra.

Picture 10If he runs into the street does that make him a street taco?

It normally goes against my religion to discuss Halloween when the remnants of summer are still hovering around, but I am making an exception for this ridonkulously cute Taco Dog costume. We've all certainly seen our fair share of hotdog, lobster and hamburger dog costumes over the years, but this muy delicioso taco costume provides an entirely new and funky fresh food group with which to humiliate our dogs. 

Complete with fresh leaf lettuce, shredded cheese and what appears to be bits of savory tomato, your dog can comfortably wear their food with the aid of easy to use Velcro closures. Have more than one dog? Simply order the two taco combo. Pick up a taco today at Muttropolis.com.

Article reprint courtesy of Animal Planet's The Daily Treat with Janet McCulley

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