Recycle + Re-use with Antler Chews

Digging Dog at Biergarten at The Standard Hotel NYC We spotted this adorable and clearly bored dog last week outside of Biergarten at The Standard Hotel in New York City. He was having quite the time rearranging the flower beds possibly searching for Scooby snacks that had been left by other guests. Whatever he was digging for, I am sure he was motivated by a host of reasons, not the least of which was boredom.

Mr. Spots here drew quite a crowd as he inspected and subsequently shredded the plants in the planter box. If only mom and dad had provided him with a little somethin' somethin' to keep him busy whilst they dined, they likely could have avoided what certainly was a very dirty dog at the end of the evening.

Chews Wisely

Free from dyes, preservatives and the typical smelly-dog-treat- smell, Antler Chews have become one of my favorite new super durable dog chews for my Schmoo and Zazou, particularly if I am going to be leaving them alone for a bit of time. Naturally shed from deer, the antlers natural, preservative-free composition doesn't leave stains on carpets, floors or doggies' muzzles and the antlers are nutrient-packed and marrow-filled, providing a source of calcium. Antler Chews

Starting about $5, you can find Antler Chews at Muttropolis.

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