The sow that’s now: Micro-Piglets

Micro-piglet baby These adorable little piggies won’t be going to market.

Just when you thought super-engineered and hybrid pets couldn’t get any more bizarre, enter micro-piglets – the newest British craze in engineered pets. Bred to stay as tiny as possible for their entire lives, these darling little bacon bits are the newest pet of choice in England. Their popularity stems mainly from the fact that they are REE-DICULOUSLY cute, amazingly intelligent and possess a delightfully sweet disposition.

Starting out as wee wee little piggies, but reaching the size of a medium-sized dog in adulthood (approximately 14" tall) micro-piggies share a few other traits with dogs in that  “….they just love to be loved,” said micro-piglet breeder Jane Croft in a recent interview on the Today Show.

"They can be easily house trained and will sit on your lap while you watch TV so you can scratch their bellys. They will "talk" to you and have you giggling for hours.." Jane explains on her website, Little Pig Farm UK.

With a genetic makeup that is actually a mixture of several pig breeds, micro-pigs can be less troublesome to allergy sufferers than many breeds of dog and can be litter-box trained. 

U.S-based pig parent potentials need not apply

Not available in the U.S and sold only in pairs, Jane Croft's Little Pig Farm has strict criteria for prospective micro-pig parents, and Rupert Grint, the young actor who plays Ron Weasley in the "Harry Potter" series, was apparently able to pass pig parent muster and picked up two lil porkers recently.

Check out the little buggers in the video below and permanently swear off the other white meat from this day forward!

ps. If you sincerely are looking for a companion with a delightfully sweet disposition that loves to be loved, why not check your local shelter or check out one of our adoption events. There are plenty of creatures there that would love to be loved.

Article reprint courtesy of Animal Planet's The Daily Treat with Janet McCulley.

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