Claw & Order: Cat Turns Policeman into Personal Jungle Gym

Cat really gets to officer's head … SRSLY

An adorably tenacious and affectionate kitty in Texas has been caught on tape trying to climb his way up the legal system ... literally.

During a routine traffic stop last week in Texas, Officer Keith Urban (yes, Keith Urban – same name, different guy) found himself being showered with attention by an extremely amorous kitty who just wouldn't take no for an answer.

With his patrol car dash-cam picking up the whole incident, this courageous kitty approaches the officer with laser intensity and promptly helps himself to Officer Urban's pant leg. He then climbs up Urban's leg and manages to traverse his shoulders, ending up on Officer Urban's head, all while Officer Urban is attempting to proffer a citation to the motorist! HYSTERICAL! According to FOX news, the sympathetic speeding motorist offers Urban their help, as the officer has the cat clinging to his head.

Watch the ridiculously funny video below!

Reprint courtesy of The Daily Treat with Janet McCulley at

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