Must See Video: Dear Dillie the Blind House Deer

Dillie 1 "Would you be a deer and open the front door for me? Thanks."

I spotted this adorably endearing story on CBS evening news last week and just about died! It is the story of an unlikely house guest that moved in and never left!

Oh, Deer. 

Dillie the deer has lived with the Butera family for more than five years. Melanie Butera is a veterinarian who nursed the doe back to health after she was born with several health problems.

The little deer was brought to Melanie's clinic by someone who didn't want to keep the fawn, and she now lives in the house, right alongside the family cat and dog. In fact, Dillie has her own bedroom, eats homemade meals, swims in the pool, is potty trained AND knows how to turn on the ceiling fan. Yes, a ceiling fan.

"She's even taught herself to go up and down the stairs, go up in the bed and when she's outside she follows Steve around. She knows her name," Butera boasts proudly.

The family's beloved Dillie eats salad, but the Butera's say Dillie's favorite foods are ice cream, spaghetti and fresh berries. The animal has wandered from the property once before, but now they monitor her whereabouts with GPS tracking device.

Check out Dillie and the Butera Family in action in the video below. Enjoy! 

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