Most Popular + Wackiest Pet Names of 2009

Jackson fro

Sit! Angry Donut, Sit

Our friends over at have just released their annual ranking of the most popular and unusual pet names for 2009, compiled via their Facebook and Twitter pages. The results are not exactly surprising, as I believe some of these pet names have been hanging around this list for the last two decades….e.g., Daisy, Jack & Lady? Didn't we all grow up with a neighbor dog with at least one of these names?

Uh, I don't know….let's just call him Buddy…..uh, or Max.

For the third year in a row, the No. 1 and No. 2 names for dogs are "Buddy" and "Max," respectively. "Lucy" took the No. 1 spot for cats, and "Smokey" was a close runner up as the second most popular feline name….which is surprising, because I was really hoping that Mademoiselle Pouf-Pouf would gain some traction this year. Gaining in popularity and securing a spot on the top 10 list for both dogs and cats for the first time is "Bella."

The 10 most popular dog names for 2009:
1. Buddy
2. Max
3. Daisy
4. Lucy
5. Charlie
6. Bella
7. Molly
8. Jack
9. Sadie
10. Lady

The top 10 most popular names for cats for 2009:
1. Lucy
2. Smokey
3. Midnight
4. Bella
5. Molly
6. Daisy
7. Oreo
8. Shadow
9. Charlie
10. Angel

We shall call him -  "Hoseclamp!"

For kicks and giggles, also compiled its top 10 favorite wacky names of the year, selected from more than 170 submissions the organization received through Facebook and Twitter.  I would love to know the story behind how these names were chosen, though we can likely guess with some accuracy how Moo Goo Guy Pan, Angry Donut and Maple Syrup acquired their anointed names.

1. Shyanne Thailand Moo Goo Guy Pan
2. Mr. Tomfoolery Scardeycat Eliot
3. Rusty Buckets
4. KeelHaul
5. Too Fancy for You
6. Angry Donut
7. Maple Syrup
8. Hoseclamp
9. Prince Xavier Binxley
10. Hoku-ho'okele-wa'a co-founder Betsy Saul also noted that an increasing number of pet parents are giving their furry family members middle names such as "Sunshine Ray," "Roxanna Bobanna Little" and "Madison Wisconsin." I suppose that my Lulu Schmoe-Schmoo Nadine McCulley also would fall into this category….though she typically only hears her middle name when ignoring me!

What's the wackiest pet name you've ever heard?

Article reprint courtesy of Animal Planet's The Daily Treat with Janet McCulley

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