Calling All Sniffers: Search + Rescue Dogs Bound for Haiti

Rescue Dogs Taiwanese Haiti
Professionally trained "sniffer" search dogs from around the globe are being deployed this week to aid rescue operations in earthquake-ravaged Haiti. The National Disaster Search Dog Foundation posted a deployment on their website which calls to action the American organizations that train search and rescue dogs. 

According to Discovery News, an international contingency of search and rescue doggies are being readied to aid the devastated people of Haiti. British, French, Chinese, Canadian, Russian, Peruvian, Mexican, Taiwanese and United States-based canine sniffer teams have been dispatched along with tons of tents, food and medical equipment. 

New York-based canine handler Scott Mateyaschuk and his dog Aragon are headed to the island nation to help in the search and recovery of effort. Watch Mateyaschuk describe the mission below, and meet one of the brave four-legged rescuers.

Therapy Dogs: On a sweet and heart-warming note, some reports indicate that the presence of the doggies on the long flights to Haiti helped to ease the tension of the rescue workers on board the plane.

Good luck and a big thank you to Scott, Aragon and all the search and rescue teams!!!

Article reprint courtesy of Animal Planet's The Daily Treat with Janet McCulley

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