What do the iPad and Puppies Have in Common?

Apple's newly launched mobile device – the iPad – is all the news lately, with industry thought-leaders and techno-nerds weighing in on the features of the new breakthrough gizmo.  Described as a "…truly magical and revolutionary product,"  by Apple Founder Steve Jobs, the iPad is being touted as a life-changing device that will impact the users in unimaginable ways. 

Life changing? Truly magical? Unimaginable joy?  

I'm sorry, but there are very few things in life that can bestow all these qualities and a  9.7 inch touch-screen device is not one of them.  If you, in fact,  are seeking something magical that brings unimaginable joy, look no further than the sixth annual display of canine cuteness that is Puppy Bowl VI.  

While the adorable puppies participating in Puppy Bowl VI will not help you record voice memos, update your Facebook profile or surf the web like the iPad can,  you indeed CAN play with puppies in direct sunlight and still see them clearly.

Learn more about Puppies, the iPad and Puppy Bowl VI in the hysterical video below and be sure to tune in to Puppy Bowl VI on Animal Planet on February 7 at 3pm!

via www.youtube.com

Article reprint courtesy of Animal Planet's The Daily Treat with Janet McCulley

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