Olympians and Their Furry ‘Chomp’-ians

Lindsey-Jacobellis,-Gidget- All eyes are on Vancouver B.C. this week as athletes from all around the world compete for medals in a wide variety of winter sporting events at the 2010 Winter Olympics. 

These winter Olympics are also called the Winter Ouch-lympics, since a high percentage of participants wear helmets and nearly every event has a perilous aspect, whether it's a hard surface, sharp blades, mortifying speeds or dizzying airborne maneuvers. As fun as it is to watch these incredible athletes, let's face it, it's akin to watching a train wreck.

One of my favorite parts about the Olympics is hearing the interesting and occasionally odd back stories behind each of the amazing athletes that provide answers to such pressing questions as:

1) How they actually discovered the thrill of curling 

2) How it is that they came to be called "Picabo" or "Apollo;"  

3) Where one can buy the bedazzled, feather embellished pantaloons sported by male figure skaters?

4) And, naturally –  do they indeed have any wittle-bitty-snuggly-wuggly-fuzzy-wuzzy creatures at home that help them train for their big event?

Mirai Nagasu Behind every great athlete is a great pet

While expert teams of coaches, trainers and physical therapists may keep this year's Olympians in top shape, our friends over at Petside.com share this week that these world-class athletes indeed count on their beloved pets to provide companionship and support for the biggest competition of their lives. 

From figure skater Mirai Nagasu's (at right) Chihuahua, Kousuke and Cat, Gigi to Snowboarding sensation Lindsey Jacobellis' (pictured above) dogs Gidget and Bear, check out Petside.com to see the all the cool pets wagging their tails wildly for this year's Olympians! 

photos courtesy of petside.com

Article reprint courtesy of Animal Planet's The Daily Treat with Janet McCulley

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