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Pupperazzi: The Doggie Gaga Project

Screen shot 2010-03-24 at 4.07.44 PM 

Puh-Puh-Puh Pupper Face 

Armed with a Polaroid camera, plenty of dog treats, miniaturized Lady Gaga costumes and a healthy dose of humor, San Francisco bay-area photographer Jesse Freidin has gone where no photographer has gone before and become an overnight internet sensation with his Doggie Gaga Project.

Freidin and a small team of stylists created and photographed miniaturized Lady Gaga-esque ensembles on a host of pooches – including a Boston Terrier, a Mexican hairless, a Shiba Inu and two Pit Bulls. The resulting collection is nothing short of ridonkulous. 

While some might see a whole lotta wrong with these photos –  Friedin states in his press release that "no animals were harmed during the photo shoot ….or even irritated."  Despite being a big Lady Gaga fan, something tells me that my dog Zazou would not be down with Gaga's infamous lacy red VMA ensemble …though he might be willing to chill with the hat on for a spell.

Would your dog sit still for something like this? 

To check out Jesse Freidin's entire Doggie Gaga Project collection, visit

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Article reprint courtesy of Animal Planet's The Daily Treat with Janet McCulley

Animals Matter: Idol’s Simon Cowell Backs Campaign to Stop Cruelty

Simon Cowell Animal Rights WSPA
The Softer Side of Simon Cowell

I was thrilled last night to see Simon Cowell in a TV interview about how he's now actively recruiting people to the "Animals Matter to Me" campaign of the World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA). According to Cowell: "There are currently no international laws to protect animals and The World Society for the Protection of Animals is working to change that. They are calling on governments across the world to embrace a common agreement called the Universal Declaration on Animal Welfare. This would recognize that animals can suffer and feel pain and need proper protection." 

Cruelty happens behind closed doors or in remote places.  The issues surrounding the annual massacre of thousands of dolphins was brought to light in "The Cove,'' winner of Best Documentary at the Oscars last week.

Get Involved + Signatures Wanted

One of WSPA's initiatives is to educate people about the damage done to wildlife by illegal trafficking. They don't seem to be asking for money with this campaign, just signatures. Get involved today and visit their site at today and let's all do our part to help end the senseless, heart-wrenching cruelty brought upon innocent animals throughout the world.


Article reprint courtesy of Animal Planet's The Daily Treat with Janet McCulley

Tough Dog Toy We’re Loving: Water Bottle Cruncher Dog Toy

Screen shot 2010-03-10 at 7.51.10 PM Fresh from the 'Why the Heck Didn't I Think of That?!' File

Often our pets find the greatest pleasure in the most random household objects: plastic bags, cardboard boxes, toilet paper, paper towel tubes, empty water bottles, and of course, the holy grail of all household items (at least in my house): DIRTY SOCKS. 

Sound familiar?  What dog doesn't LOVE playing with these items, and in particular,  empty plastic water bottles? My dog Zazou loves the crunching sound of empty water bottles and truly was beside himself when I brought home this creative Bottle Buddy dog toy, a darling plush dog toy that fits perfectly over an empty water bottle. Providing the irresistible crackling mouth-feel dogs love, the plastic bottle inside is removable and can be replaced with another empty bottle once they flatten it out with their chomping.

Even better, this creative eco-friendly toy provides a fun and efficient way to recycle water bottles that might otherwise end up in our landfills.

So far, Zazou is going on 2 months with this toy and he has yet to destroy it. If he punctures holes in the bottle, I simply replace it with another one. Brilliance!

Find these fun and earth-friendly dog toys for only $10 at

Article reprint courtesy of Animal Planet's The Daily Treat with Janet McCulley

Stories Wanted: Share Your Most Embarrassing Pet Stories

Funny dog in fence Inappropriate sniffing. Impromptu leg-lifting. Hump-a-thons. 

A recent poll conducted by our friends over at indicates that one in ten pet owners is often embarrassed by their pet’s somewhat unsavory, unbecoming behavior. These findings are in no way surprising to me as my dogs are big fans of making a mockery of mommy dearest as often as possible. Based on their study, some common themes seem to run through this misbehavior, which include, not surprisingly, the frequent humping of inanimate objects, dog farts and a lot of leg-lifting.

My top six most embarrassing pet moments involving my Daily Treat lab assistants, Lulu & Zazou, include:

1. A wide-eyed Lulu pooping directly on her veterinarian’s lap during an office visit

2. Zazou randomly lifting his leg on some nice little family’s beach picnic

3. Lulu stealing a freshly made burrito off of some random persons beach towel while they'd stepped away

4. Zazou diving into a neighbor’s prized Koi fish pond to fetch out a finned friend (no Koi were harmed)

5. Lulu unapologetically conducting an impromptu ‘butt itch scoot’ on the carpet in the main lobby of a fancy office building

6. Zazou stealthily firing well-timed canine air biscuits from under the table at a dinner party 

What crazy, bizarre or downright funny things has your pet done to embarrass you?  We want to hear about them! Share your stories in the comments below or join the discussion on our Animal Planet Facebook Fan Page.

Article reprint courtesy of Animal Planet's The Daily Treat with Janet McCulley

CatRoulette: Cat Video Chat

Screen shot 2010-03-09 at 6.59.11 PM Chatroulette is a social website that pairs users with random Webcam partners. Attracting nearly 20,000 curious visitors a night, it draws mostly teenagers, inebriated twenty-somethings, college kids packed into dorm rooms and a whole lot of pathetic, half-naked dudes with nothing better to do.

In other words, Chatroulette is quickly becoming the go to site if you want to chat with the most socially depraved people you will ever interact with…..and cats, yes, lots of cats. 

Enter CatRoulette

In fact, so many cats have been spotted on Chatroulette that a new site, CatRoulette highlights (via screenshots) some of the best Cat chats spotted on the site. By Cat chats, we mean: cats scratching away on a scratcher, riding Roombas, playing with catnip toys and….well, doing what cats do!

source: Urlesque

Article reprint courtesy of Animal Planet's The Daily Treat with Janet McCulley

Warts and All: Rascal Reigns at the Annual Ugly Dog Contest

Rascal wins the Ugly Dog Contest Who're you calling ugly?

Rascal proved he's still got it at the 15th Annual Del Mar Ugly Dog Contest held here in San Diego, CA last weekend, as he reigned supreme at the annual contest attended by hundreds – all to benefit the Helen Woodward Animal Center.

A pure bred Chinese Crested pooch who is naturally hairless and born without a lot of his teeth, Rascal has scored a superfecta of Ugly Dog contests, as he is the only living Ugly dog to hold the coveted "Ring of Champions" title which makes him the current "World's Ugliest Dog." 

Fugly runs in the family

The butterface gene has apparently always run in Rascal's family, as he is a descendent of Chi Chi, who is listed in the Guinness Book of World Records for winning the most ugly dog contests, according to his owner Dane Andrew of Sunnyvale.

“At first they think he’s ugly and then they think he’s cute,” Andrew said about Rascal's fans. “He grows on them in just seconds.” 

In fact, Rascal has amassed some famous fans along the way – as Andrew and Rascal have been interviewed by Jay Leno, Barbara Walters, Jane Pauley, Carson Daly and Kathy Griffin, according to his IMDB site.

Personally, I think he's darling in a "face-only-a-mother-could-love" kind of way! What do you think?

Article reprint courtesy of Animal Planet's The Daily Treat with Janet McCulley

Rodent of an Unusual Size: Caplin the Pet Capybara

Capybara_65 Last week I posted a photo I received of a woman posing with her outrageous looking pet –  named Caplin – which was a fuzzy creature resembling a combination of a gargantuan Guinea Pig and humongous Hamster. Outfitted in a royal purple harness that's normally reserved for big dogs and larger animals, the fantastical creature looked like something out of the latest Tim Burton movie and almost certainly photoshopped. 

However, some cursory Googling confirmed otherwise! This enormous rodent was not a fake at all but something called a Capybara – the largest of all living rodents. Entering the world at less than 3lbs, the Capybara is a close relative of the Guinea Pig and grows to nearly 100lbs in their adulthood! Excellent swimmers and divers, Capybara's can stay underwater for five minutes and can even sleep underwater with only their noses poking out. They also communicate Caplin_profile_pool  with a variety of sounds including soft whimpers, clicking noises, purring and barking. 

Caplin the Capybara turns out to be somewhat of a celebrity Capybara, as he not only resides in a lovely ranch-style home in Austin complete with his own personal swimming pool, but he also has a website and more than 3180 Twitter followers.

Learn more about this fascinating rodent of an unusual size in the video below:

video caplin the capybara

Article reprint courtesy of Animal Planet's The Daily Treat with Janet McCulley

Funny Dog Video: Law & Order Theme Song Bums Out Dogs Across America

Dogs. DOINK! DOINK! Howling Dogs. DOINK! DOINK! These are their stories.

It all started when Knuckles the Jack Russell's parents noticed that each time he overheard the theme song of "Law & Order" on the television, he would begin to whimper and then forcefully howl his way through the opening credits while the theme song played on.

Finding his behavior nothing short of hysterically funny, Knuckle's parents did what any upstanding citizen would and should do…. they posted a video of him howling along to the song on Youtube. Since posting said video of Knuckles one year ago, and racking up more than 10,000 views, dozens of videos have since been posted of dogs with a similar aversion to the unmistakeable DOINK DOINK of the L&O theme song! 

Why they're howling: A thin plot-line? Volume too loud? An involuntary reaction?

According to ABC news and veterinary neurologist Susan Wagner, dogs are probably involuntarily howling at this song due to its higher-register notes in the iconic DOINK DOINK theme song. (I personally believe that it is the darkly criminal and somewhat upsetting story lines of the show that is totally bumming out these dogs.)

Dozens of videos reside on Youtube that showcase this hysterical howling…but my all time favorite is of the Doberman who is casually chilling in his Bark-o-lounger, complete with his cozy macrame blankie (and possibly a lap tray?) – it's awesome. Really. The second video is a mash up of a bunch of different dogs singing along, each one funnier than the next. ENJOY!

Article reprint courtesy of Animal Planet's The Daily Treat with Janet McCulley