Rodent of an Unusual Size: Caplin the Pet Capybara

Capybara_65 Last week I posted a photo I received of a woman posing with her outrageous looking pet –  named Caplin – which was a fuzzy creature resembling a combination of a gargantuan Guinea Pig and humongous Hamster. Outfitted in a royal purple harness that's normally reserved for big dogs and larger animals, the fantastical creature looked like something out of the latest Tim Burton movie and almost certainly photoshopped. 

However, some cursory Googling confirmed otherwise! This enormous rodent was not a fake at all but something called a Capybara – the largest of all living rodents. Entering the world at less than 3lbs, the Capybara is a close relative of the Guinea Pig and grows to nearly 100lbs in their adulthood! Excellent swimmers and divers, Capybara's can stay underwater for five minutes and can even sleep underwater with only their noses poking out. They also communicate Caplin_profile_pool  with a variety of sounds including soft whimpers, clicking noises, purring and barking. 

Caplin the Capybara turns out to be somewhat of a celebrity Capybara, as he not only resides in a lovely ranch-style home in Austin complete with his own personal swimming pool, but he also has a website and more than 3180 Twitter followers.

Learn more about this fascinating rodent of an unusual size in the video below:

video caplin the capybara

Article reprint courtesy of Animal Planet's The Daily Treat with Janet McCulley

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