Stories Wanted: Share Your Most Embarrassing Pet Stories

Funny dog in fence Inappropriate sniffing. Impromptu leg-lifting. Hump-a-thons. 

A recent poll conducted by our friends over at indicates that one in ten pet owners is often embarrassed by their pet’s somewhat unsavory, unbecoming behavior. These findings are in no way surprising to me as my dogs are big fans of making a mockery of mommy dearest as often as possible. Based on their study, some common themes seem to run through this misbehavior, which include, not surprisingly, the frequent humping of inanimate objects, dog farts and a lot of leg-lifting.

My top six most embarrassing pet moments involving my Daily Treat lab assistants, Lulu & Zazou, include:

1. A wide-eyed Lulu pooping directly on her veterinarian’s lap during an office visit

2. Zazou randomly lifting his leg on some nice little family’s beach picnic

3. Lulu stealing a freshly made burrito off of some random persons beach towel while they'd stepped away

4. Zazou diving into a neighbor’s prized Koi fish pond to fetch out a finned friend (no Koi were harmed)

5. Lulu unapologetically conducting an impromptu ‘butt itch scoot’ on the carpet in the main lobby of a fancy office building

6. Zazou stealthily firing well-timed canine air biscuits from under the table at a dinner party 

What crazy, bizarre or downright funny things has your pet done to embarrass you?  We want to hear about them! Share your stories in the comments below or join the discussion on our Animal Planet Facebook Fan Page.

Article reprint courtesy of Animal Planet's The Daily Treat with Janet McCulley

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