A Site to See: Stuff on My Cat

Screen shot 2010-04-01 at 6.15.56 PM Stuff you never thought of placing on your cat. Until now.

For reasons unknown, select homo sapiens have developed a propensity for placing random (and ideally lightweight) found objects on their sleeping cats (or nearly asleep cats). These objects range from toaster cozies, pineapple rinds, Garfield stuffies, McDonald's French Fries, dirty dishes and naturally, more cats.

Stuff + Your Cat = Awesome

For those of you that just can't get enough of this concept, the website Stuff on My Cat is dedicated solely to random crap you might place on your cat. In fact the site has become so popular that they have broken Stuff on My Cat down into more categories than thought possible, such as:

Naughty Stuff On My Cat
Nature On My Cat
My Cat On Stuff
My Actual Cat
Misc. On My Cat
Housewares On My Cat (a favorite!)
Gadgets On My Cat
Food On My Cat
Creatures On My Cat
Clothes On My Cat
Business On My Cat
Tech On My Cat
Wet Cats

Find this and more other needless, yet ridiculously fun information at StuffOnMyCat.com

Article reprint courtesy of Animal Planet's The Daily Treat with Janet McCulley

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