Bath-time Bliss with Buddy Wash

Bathe-dog-bath-tub-800X800 My four-legged sidekicks, Lulu, Zazou & Kiki have come to love bath-time, primarily because they love the invigorating toweling-off session that ensues after the sudsy scrub is over. I have come to love their bath-time for two reasons: 1) elimination of the "dog" smell and 2) the aromatherapeutic fabulousness that is Buddy Wash Lavender & Mint dog shampoo! The fresh herbal scent of Buddy Wash smells absolutely amazing and leaves their coats super soft and shiny.

Made with pure, natural ingredients and botanical extracts, you'll a difference the first time you snuggle with your pooch after a bath. While harsh, alcohol-based shampoos can leave your pet's coat dry and irritated, Buddy Wash instead is pH-balanced, is gentle on dog's sensitive skin and is soap free.

Let your pet find their bliss with Buddy Wash for a mere $11 at

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Buddy Wash Dog Shampoo

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