Feline Faceoff: Standing Cat vs. Chopsticks Cat

Move over Keyboard Cat  - Standing Cat Has Arrived

We've all seen cats and dogs standing up on their hind legs, but the newest internet phenom, "Standing Cat," takes the prize as most agile as he (she?) stands up to be counted for not just a few seconds, but for what seems like a whole minute (ok – maybe 45 seconds).  Add to his stand-up performance a backdrop of random French Pop music and you've got yerself an official piece o'  YouTube gold!

But wait? What's that? Standing Chopsticks cat wants to weigh in? Check out both of their videos below and you decide who's got the most kitty core strength and dexterity! For a whole slew of the best "standing cat videos", check out what our friends over at Urlesque assembled for your viewing pleasure.

Article reprint courtesy of Animal Planet's The Daily Treat with Janet McCulley

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