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Fur Real: Marmaduke + Surf Dogs Hang 20 for Charity

Abbie Girl Surfs Surfer Doggy Dudes + Dudettes Shred it at Annual Competition

Super stoked pups of all walks hit Imperial Beach here in San Diego over the weekend for the 5th annual Loews Coronado Bay Surf Dog competition. Each dog (or team) had 10 minutes to catch their top two waves, and were scored on confidence level, length of ride and overall ability to "grip it and rip it." 

Among the epic pro-pooch surfers was our friend Micheal Uy and his constant four-legged companion Abbie girl, who is front and center in the dog-surfing craze spreading across the nation. In fact, Abbie was cast as a surfer-girl in the soon to be released film Marmaduke, due in theaters June 4 from 20th Century Fox.

George the Great Dane , the 200-pound dog who plays the miscreant Marmaduke in the film was also on hand for the surf competition, along with actors Owen Wilson and George Lopez who are voice actors for the film.

Article reprint courtesy of Animal Planet's The Daily Treat with Janet McCulley

What We’re Loving: The Petfinder iPhone App


Petfinder iPhone App Makes Finding the Perfect Shelter Pet Even Easier

If you've watched any of your favorite shows recently, you've undoubtedly seen the darling new TV Commercial for the iPhone that features the new Petfinder App! The spot starts out with a female narrator stating "We've been wanting a dog for a while — so we searched local shelters …" and then commercial depicts how new pet parent uses her iPhone's Petfinder App to adopt her new pup. 

Logging nearly 16,000 downloads in one day, and the Petfinder iPhone app is now #1 in the free lifestyle apps category and #49 among all free apps! Importantly all of these downloads mean more people are looking at more adoptable pets, and that means more pets will be adopted. Good on ya' Apple for choosing to promote the Petfinder App and to everyone who downloaded it. 

To download the Petfinder App, download it for free at the iTunes Store. If you don't have an iPhone, visit

Does Your Dog Do This? Dog Camouflages Self as Decorative Toss Pillow

funny dog photo. Vizsla dog on bed


There are no less than seven dog beds sprinkled throughout my home for my dogs Zazou, Kiki and The Schmoo.  Said dog beds are super plush, super cushy and situated in some of the most primo sunning spots in the house. However,  it has become increasingly apparent that one of my pack members is simply not satisfied with his designated accommodations.

Earlier this week, Zazou was nowhere to be found in the house or yard, despite numerous calls, claps and whistles. Slightly worried, I rushed through my bedroom to call again into the backyard when i noticed something was….. slightly out of place on my bed. 

And there he was… a 60 lb Vizsla successfully masquerading as a throw pillow. Hysterical!

Does your dog do this?

Does your dog try to camouflage themselves amongst your bed pillows or elsewhere in the house? If so, share your photos and tell us about it on our Muttropolis Facebook Fan Page!

I Can Has Prenup: German Man Marries His Cat

german man marries cat
If you like her so much why don't you marry her? Oh, Okay.

After living together for ten years, a German man finally popped the question to his cat Cecilia and unofficially married her after the animal fell ill and vets told him she might not live much longer. German postal worker Uwe Mitzscherlich, 39, paid an actress to officiate at the ceremony, as marrying an animal is illegal in Germany.

Mr Mitzscherlich said he had wanted to tie the knot before his asthmatic cat Cecilia died. 

They are registered at Petsmart, Crate & Barrel and Walmart. I am thinking I might get them a couples therapy session with Victoria Stilwell.

I Now Pronounce You Man and Cat

"Cecilia is such a trusting creature. We cuddle all the time and she has always slept in my bed," Mr Mitzscherlich, a postman from the eastern town of Possendorf, told the German media.

Actress Christin-Maria Lohri, who officiated the ceremony, was quoted as saying: "At first I thought it was a joke. But for Mr Mitzscherlich it's a dream come true".

Ok folks, I love my pets and all – but what do you think about these nuptials: Wonderfully Sweet or Wonderfully Whacked?

source: Perez Hilton & BBC

Article reprint courtesy of Animal Planet's The Daily Treat with Janet McCulley

Cuteness Overload Motherlode: The Worlds Tiniest Pony. Ever.

This is not a toy. Seriously. This pony is real.

Just when you thought you'd seen just about all the cuteness "teh internets" has to offer, we bring you the motherlode of cuteness, Einstein, the teeny-weeniest pony on the planet  - born just last week and measuring a mere 4 inches and six pounds at birth….about the size of a toy poodle!

Not a preemie, Einstein is a perfectly proportioned pony and was born at the Tiz A Miniature Horse Farm in Barnstead, N.H. to breeder Judy Smith. Einstein is owned by Dr. Rachel Wagner and her husband Charles Cantrell who live in Bellingham, Wash. 

Cuteness. Is. Paralyzing. Too. Much. Cute. At. One. Time.

"So we have this little foal that was born here on this miniature horse farm that set the Guinness World Record for smallest baby horse," says Wagner. "He's very perfect-looking little boy, not dwarfy at all."

Check Einstein frolicking about in the video below and be prepared for serious cuteness paralysis. Don't say I didn't warn you!

Article reprint courtesy of Animal Planet's The Daily Treat with Janet McCulley

Must Have: Lollycadoodle Boiled Wool Dog + Cat Toys

Screen shot 2010-04-05 at 9.29.46 PM

Eco-friendly Groovy Shrooms

Colorful, durable and naturally attractive to dogs and cats, thanks to the special wooly scent derived from the natural oils of wool fleece, these darling toys are made without poly-fill or squeakers so you can be sure they're safe and will be completely biodegradable after your pet is done with them. Which, based on extensive field-testing, will take a very long time!

Dishwasher Safe

If your pet's toadstool starts to look a bit tired, simply refresh the toy by popping it into the top rack of your dishwasher and dry in the sun!

Starting at $11, find these vibrant, magical mushroom pet toys at

Article reprint courtesy of Animal Planet's The Daily Treat with Janet McCulley