Does Your Dog Do This? Dog Camouflages Self as Decorative Toss Pillow

funny dog photo. Vizsla dog on bed


There are no less than seven dog beds sprinkled throughout my home for my dogs Zazou, Kiki and The Schmoo.  Said dog beds are super plush, super cushy and situated in some of the most primo sunning spots in the house. However,  it has become increasingly apparent that one of my pack members is simply not satisfied with his designated accommodations.

Earlier this week, Zazou was nowhere to be found in the house or yard, despite numerous calls, claps and whistles. Slightly worried, I rushed through my bedroom to call again into the backyard when i noticed something was….. slightly out of place on my bed. 

And there he was… a 60 lb Vizsla successfully masquerading as a throw pillow. Hysterical!

Does your dog do this?

Does your dog try to camouflage themselves amongst your bed pillows or elsewhere in the house? If so, share your photos and tell us about it on our Muttropolis Facebook Fan Page!

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