How You Can Help: Dog Hair Needed to Help Clean Up Oil Spill

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We shampoo our own hair because hair collects oil – so why not use the millions of pounds of absorbant, natural, renewable human and dog hair, fur and fleece clippings to help with the Gulf Oil Spill clean up?

The nonprofit organization, Matter Of Trust, is providing a non-toxic, earth-friendly and effective way to participate in the Gulf Spill clean up. Donors from every state in the US, Canada and beyond are sending them dog hair, human hair, fur and wool clippings as well as nylons and funding for outer mesh. These materials are then used used to make Booms that can protect beaches and coastal waters from the ever-growing oil spill. 

How You Can Help

All salons, groomers, alpaca, llama, sheep fleece farmers, feather donors, individuals, & pet owners can sign up to be a part of this recycling system for hair, fur, fleece, feathers, nylons and more. Simply follow this link to the Matter of Trust website, sign up and get started today. Within two weeks, participating groomers and salons will receive an email address of the warehouse to ship their dog hair! Sign up now >

According to the Los Angeles Times, nearly 1,000 grooming salons in Petco stores have begun shipping donations of pet fur to aid in creating booms to soak up oil from the Gulf.

Watch the video below to see how amazingly effective oilspill clean-up hair mats and booms can be in absorbing oil. Learn more about their efforts at

Article reprint courtesy of Animal Planet's The Daily Treat with Janet McCulley

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